Sequoia Groves

I am working on a writing and photography project profiling my experiences in the sequoia groves of California. My goal is to spend time in each grove and to document the forests as they appear today. So far I’ve explored 61 of the 67 groves, most of them multiple times. I am following in the footsteps of John Muir who, in 1875, journeyed at length through the Sierra Nevada forests. But he didn’t visit every grove or describe his experience thoroughly. My writing recounts my excursions in detail and includes accompanying photographs. I have not posted or published any of these writings yet because I am putting them together as a comprehensive book.

Instead of following millions of others on well-worn long distance trails racking up miles while all the beauty of the world goes by as a blur, I want to take the time to truly look and listen, to live and breathe the forest. I am a fan of Thoreau and the Transcendentalist concept of experiential learning. I am studying in Muir’s famous “University of the Wilderness.”

It will take at least one more year to complete my goal, depending on factors such as weather, injury, and access. Some of the groves are extremely difficult to get to. In the meantime, if you are a publisher interested in my book, please contact me.

61/67 groves experienced so far:

Agnew Grove, Alder Creek Grove, Atwell Mill-East Fork Grove, Bearskin Grove, Big Stump Grove, Black Mountain Grove, Board Camp Grove, Boulder Creek Grove, Burro Creek Grove, Cahoon Creek Grove, Castle Creek Grove, Cherry Gap Grove, Converse Basin Grove (including Cabin Creek), Cunningham Grove, Deer Creek Grove, Deer Meadow Grove, Dennison Grove, Devils Canyon Grove, Evans Grove, Freeman Creek Grove, Garfield Grove, Giant Forest, Grant Grove, Homer’s Nose Grove, Horse Creek Grove, Indian Basin Grove, Kennedy Grove, Landslide Grove, Little Boulder Creek Grove, Lockwood Grove, Long Meadow Grove, Lost Grove, Maggie Mountain Grove, Mariposa Grove, McIntyre Grove (including Belknap, Wheel Meadow, Carr Wilson), McKinley Grove, Merced Grove, Monarch Grove, Mountain Home Grove, Muir Grove, Nelder Grove, New Oriole Grove, North Calaveras Grove, Oriole Grove, Packsaddle Grove, Peyrone Grove, Pine Ridge Grove, Placer County Grove, Red Hill Grove, Redwood Meadow Grove, Redwood Mountain Grove, Sequoia Creek Grove, Silver Creek Grove, Skagway Grove, South Calaveras Grove, South Fork Grove, South Peyrone Grove, Starvation Creek Grove, Suwanee Grove, Tuolumne Grove, Wishon Grove.

6 unexplored:

Case Mountain Grove, Coffee Pot Canyon Grove, Eden Creek Grove, North Cold Spring Grove, Parker Peak Grove, Surprise Grove.