Sequoia Groves

I am currently working on a writing and photography project profiling my experiences in every sequoia grove. So far I’ve visited 57 of the 67 groves, most of them multiple times. I am following in the footsteps of John Muir who, in 1875, journeyed at length through the Sierra Nevada forests. But he didn’t visit every grove or describe his experience thoroughly. My writing recounts my excursions in detail and includes accompanying photographs. I have not posted or published any of these writings yet because I am interested in putting them together as a comprehensive book.

Instead of following millions of others on well-worn long distance trails racking up miles while all the beauty of the world goes by as a blur, I want to take the time to truly look and listen, to live and breathe the forest. I am a fan of Thoreau and the Transcendentalist concept of experiential learning. I am studying in Muir’s famous “University of the Wilderness.”

It will take one more year to complete my goal, depending on factors such as weather and injury. I’ve been snowshoeing in the groves during the winter, but I can only go so far until the heavy snowpack melts. In the meantime, if you are a publisher interested in printing my book, please contact me.

57/67 groves visited so far: