ILoveTrees.Net was created to showcase natural places with an emphasis on large trees and old forests.

I have visited some of the biggest and oldest trees on the planet. I’ve walked through the most intensely beautiful forests anyone can imagine. I spend most of my time in the woods, as an explorer of nature, especially native trees and old-growth. I write. I photograph. I paint. I lament the lack of mindful connection with our world.

While living in Wilmington, North Carolina for several years I profiled many of the limited natural spaces in the area. I recently relocated to California to spend more time exploring giant sequoia groves.

~ Sue Cag

About Sue Cag:

Sue Cag is a musician, artist, poet, and nature writer. She is an accomplished guitarist and songwriter with several albums and singles under the band Folkstar. She established ilovetrees.net, a website of creative prose and remarkable photography inspired by nature. Several of her articles have been published by Cape Fear’s Going Green magazine. She is a naturalist, deeply inspired by old-growth forests and ancient trees. She writes extensively about our relationship and connection to nature and the devastating loss of untrammeled spaces. She has written hundreds of poems since the 1990s, originally inspired by the poetry of Alice Walker. Through her own personal experience, she writes about social and environmental justice, lays bare our assumptions about life in an unjust world, and exposes the flaws and deceit of humanity; and she does all this without restraint.

Guest Contributor:

Kim Dicso is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, prosaist, hiker, traveler, vegan, and contributing author of nature writing for ilovetrees.net. Find her music at folkstar.net.


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