Waterwell – A Giant Sequoia Destroyed by the Castle Fire California

Alder Creek Grove

Waterwell – A Giant Sequoia Destroyed by the Castle Fire
by Sue Cag

Before and after aerial footage of “Waterwell,” a giant sequoia destroyed by the SQF Complex / Castle Fire. The SQF Complex / Castle Fire was the worst fire in sequoia history. Hundreds of giant sequoias were destroyed in the Alder Creek Grove.Thousands of sequoias were lost in several other groves including Freeman Creek Grove, McIntyre Grove, Mountain Home Grove, Dillonwood (section of Garfield Grove), Board Camp Grove, and Homer’s Nose Grove.

About the Author:
Sue Cag is a nature writer, artist, musician in the band Folkstar, co-owner of Karmic Fury Records, vegan traveler, and tree hugger.

All photos and video by Sue Cag. All Rights Reserved. Photos and video may not be used without permission.

Yet Another Giant Sequoia Burning in the Alder Creek Grove

Mountain Home Grove Sequoias Heavily Damaged

Alder Creek Grove Aerial Video After Fire

Patriarch Tree Destroyed in the Castle Fire

Freeman Creek Grove during the Castle / SQF Complex Fire

Stagg Lives, Waterfall Perishes


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